“…The Aesthetic Medicine industry in this country has worked hard to establish bad reputation for themselves by aggressive marketing, offering excess of questionable services and, generally speaking, not-so-great results. Many expensive procedures are marketed to the public with knowledge of their mediocre effectiveness. These are also masterfully marketed to the Aesthetic practitioners, especially those who are taking their first step into the murky waters of aesthetics. The “luminaries” and “experts” of the industry surprisingly frequently change their opinions depending on which manufacturer of the “newest and wonderful product”  is more inclined to reward them handsomely for a good word.

The Aesthetic Medicine, as generally understood, can be divided into two categories; those which require surgical approach and those that are much less invasive and can be done without major anaesthesia.

Both, the non-surgical and surgical aesthetic procedures, especially facial, have one instrumental requirement in common; they must comply with aesthetics, therefore, the art form. Otherwise, the name “aesthetic” looses its meaning and does not apply regardless of the claims.

I am not a Plastic Surgeon and the surgical procedures are out of the scope of my interest. But the results of these are not; these interest me very much since some of my patients need referral to plastic surgeon for their expertise. The assessment of the results from aesthetic point of view allows me to make the best choice of surgeon for my patients.

I am not a Dermatologist nor I was ever interested in the intricacies of skin disorders. These, I enthusiastically refer to Dermatologist for their expertise. Since aging is a physiological and natural process I do not consider aging, or its consequences, a disease or illness.

Above all, I am after total aesthetic and artistic results in all my patients. As the rest of the aesthetic world recognized long time ago, these can be achieved only with the understanding of, at the least, the basics of art,. Only then the Aesthetic Medicine will deserve its name as it has been for years in most of the other countries.”

I am not the first one who discovered that LESS is MORE…

- Marek Kacki, MD


VISAGE MedArt is an unusual anti-aging center fully dedicated to total rejuvenation based on facts and pure science rather than  opinions or marketing hypes.


Although VISAGE MedArt offers a wide range of clinically proven aesthetic procedures, our main emphasis is on non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Our Team

Marek Kacki, MD has been in clinical medicine for the last 25 years caring for patients with critical and life-threatening illnesses as a Nephrologist. These include 9 years in clinical academic medicine and 15 years in group practice in Nashville. His interest in invasive procedures brought him an international patent for intravascular prosthesis and delivery system. Marek “Bohemus” Kacki, MD is an accomplished artist as well. His work has been shown in exhibitions in US, Europe and Australia. The love of medicine and art has led to the practice of Aesthetic Medicine.

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We are proud to be one of 4 centers in the US to use and master a new and revolutionary technique of dermal filler placement without bruising or bleeding. A persistent search for the best also led us to the development and application of an original and unique method of permanent facial vein removal using a non-standard laser technique.


Our expertise concentrates on long term results and individualized care. In addition to the best available laser resurfacing technology,  VISAGE MedArt also offers a full range of aesthetic procedures.

Katie Harris is Visage MedArt's Registered Nurse. She has had several years of experience in the medical industry and, like Dr. Kacki, Katie is also a talented artist.  She has completed numerous Advanced Injection Technique Courses as well as Intensive Dermal Filler Training with both Merz (the makers of Radiesse® & Belotero®) and Allergan (the makers of Botox® & Juvederm®) specialists. Katie has worked side-by-side with Dr. Kacki for several years studying and applying his master techniques in both Dermal Filler injections and Botox Cosmetic injections.  Katie is also a specialist in EXILIS® and VANQUISH® Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening treatments.

Shelly is VISAGE MedArt's licensed aesthetician. She has over 8 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, 6 of which were spent performing advanced aesthetics and body contouring services.  Shelly has trained other industry professionals from around the U.S. on advanced aesthetic facial service techniques and procedures including massage therapy.

Shelly updates her skills regularly by attending training classes to be on the cutting edge of the industry so that her clients not only have the best, but also the newest treatments available.  Shelly personally works with each of her clients to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on realistic and satisfying results.